Translating is an art!


  • Translation Dutch-English
  • Translation English-Dutch
  • Proofreading (Dutch / English)
  • Correction (Dutch / English)
  • Editing and Optimizing (Dutch / English)
  • Revision spelling and layout (Dutch / English)
  • Advice / Consultancy (Dutch / English)

Your text could for example be advertisements, brochures, folders, flyers, web sites, mailings, press releases, stories, articles, essays, theses, lectures, minutes/reports, correspondence (letters of application/motivation), manuals, catalogues, books, etc.

Translating is more than just converting words from one language to another. The aim is to reflect the significance, atmosphere, and emotion of a text as effectively as possible. What matters here is that the customary expressions in the target language are respected. At the same time, a good translator must take into account the target group, the specific message and style of the text to be translated. Translating is an art!

Proofreading / Correcting / Editing and Optimizing
Do you have a (translated) text that you are not (completely) happy or satisfied with, and would you like your text to be revised and/or corrected, then you can contact us at TextPerfect Communications.

Advice / Consultancy
TextPerfect Communications can also advise you on layout, choice of words, grammar, classification, etc. of your text(s). Furthermore, you can count on us for the (final) editing of your text(s).

Please feel free to request a non-obligatory, free quotation.