TextPerfect Communications charges a basic rate per word for both text to be translated and/or corrected (edited), and for text consultancy.

The total price is calculated based on word count in the source text. The source text must be submitted electronically; i.e. e-mail, cd, or otherwise as agreed.

Procedure TextPerfect Communications:

  • You request a non-commital, free quotation.
  • We contact you in order to discuss your assignment, your needs and wishes, and a possible deadline.
  • Based on the source text you provide and the desired service, we will offer you a quotation.
  • We will then negotiate a final quotation with you, including a deadline.
  • You return to us the final quotation signed.
  • Upon receipt of your signed quotation we will confirm and start on your assignment.
  • You receive the (source and target) text electronically, or otherwise.
  • You receive an invoice from us.

Please note: for long-term projects we can set up a contract if necessary.